Garden chairs: Choose the best in 2020

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Garden chair

Having a large and beautiful garden is something that many people crave.  Such a place brings a little peace to your home and allows you to be closer to nature. To bring more coziness to the environment, it may be interesting to decorate it with objects that are your face and that add comfort such as a garden chair.

Important Things to Consider

  • Garden chairs are an excellent way for you to transform your green space into a comfortable and cozy place to receive people.
  • It can be an expensive piece of furniture, so it is important that you take a good look at the quality of your chair before you buy it.

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Buying Guide

The garden chair is practical, chic, and great piece to make your home comfortable

Garden chair Choose the best in 2020

Pros and Cons

At home, you know that having a green area makes all the difference. Having a space dedicated to nature brings peace even in big cities and is a sustainable way to decorate your home. In addition to plants, trees, and flowers, there are furniture items specially designed for outdoor environments, which add a lot of beauty and comfort to your garden, making it more cozy.

The garden chair is one of those items that you should not forget when decorating your green area. It can be accompanied by a table, or by benches and ottomans, if you want to create a space where you can gather with friends. The options are numerous: from the most comfortable and colorful to the most basic and rigid.

In addition to making your space more beautiful, it creates, within the garden itself, a place where you can sit to read a book, chat, or simply enjoy the landscape, making you enjoy your area even more.

The cool thing about decorating a garden is that you can be creative and take advantage of the natural scenery to match your furniture.

Another important issue is the terrain. Before buying a garden chair, check if the land is suitable for it, and if you have space to place it.


  • Adds beauty and well-being
  • It is comfortable and cozy
  • Allows you to get more out of your home


  • It is important that you prioritize the location of plants
  • The land must be analyzed before purchase

What is the best type of garden chair?

When decorating the garden, there is always a consideration to what is the best type of seat. There are many options. Ordinary chairs, upholstered chairs, stools, and even ottomans. It is up to you to decide which of these styles best matches your space. Although upholstered chairs are the most loved for comfort reasons, ordinary chairs are also made of good quality material, such as rattan, wood, and reed.

The more rigid models make a rustic decor and cushions can be added for extra comfort. Benches are a great idea if you have a large family or love to receive friends, fitting 2 to 3 people at a time.

best type of garden chair


Furniture that is exposed to the weather requires extra care for a longer life. Regular maintenance and periodic cleaning helps in the preservation of your garden chair. The first tip is to clean the furniture at least once a week. A common mistake is to leave it exposed without cleaning. Cleaning will depend on the type of material, but in general, a damp cloth is enough to remove dirt and dust from the chair. Occasionally use mild soap and water get get a better clean.


Like any other furniture, the cost of a garden chair is variable, especially if the model chosen is handmade.You can buy these chairs in two ways: separately or together. Usually, the sets are four chairs. If you are going to buy the garden chair unit, you should note that prices are around $150 to $300.

The price of kits is very variable, mainly due to the material with simpler options costing $450, and other very expensive ones, exceed $2,000.

Where to buy?

There is no lack of place to buy a garden chair. Currently, many stores sell this product in different models. You can start your search at hardware stores, and big box stores. As always, there are a variety of models avalible at major online retailers.

Purchasing criteria

Outdoor furniture can last for many years and it is best to keep these criteria in mind to help you find the model that best suits your needs:

  • Material
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Style


As there is a wide variety of models, there is also a huge variety of options, so you must choose very well.

Among the possible materials, the best are wood and weft fibers, such as rattan and reed. They are resistant to weather conditions, water, sunlight, and cracking.

Synthetic materials, like plastic, are the most delicate and least beautiful, however they are also the cheapest. They often come in styles that are light and stack well and are best for situations in which you may want to frequently move or store them away.


The weight of your chair is also very important, because sometimes you will have to move it, either to clean the floor or to redecorate. Observe if your chair is easily loadable, and give preference to the light ones you intend to move them frequently.


As we said earlier, it is essential that you make sure that your garden chair fits nicely in the place you have reserved for it. Don’t buy a piece of furniture without measuring the space. Do not do this and guarantee that you will have no problems with the location. After the measurement, check the dimensions of the chair to see if it fits in the planned location with room to slide around.


Not every chair is built to support 300 lbs. Most metal and wood models with support people on the heavier side, but some plastic models may break and cause a bit of embarrassment for your guests.

best type of garden chair


And, of course, the style. This factor depends entirely on your taste and the design of your home. Currently, there are rustic, classic, and modern options. It is up to you to pick which one is the best choice for your garden.

Try to choose not just for the price. By buying something of your style you are more likely to actually make use of the space.

The Best Garden Chairs: Our Favorites

Before buying any product, it is important that you do your research. We hope that this guide has helped you form an opinion of what you are looking for. Here are a few models to get you started on your search:

1. Merax 4-piece Outdoor PE Rattan Wicker Sofa and Chairs Set Rattan Patio Garden Furniture Set

Merax 4-piece Garden Furniture Collection comes in a 4 piece collection with 2 single chairs chairs, one double seat chair, and a coffee table. It’s a wonderful outside garden furniture bundle. This collection is long-lasting because of its waterproof materials. The set is well liked in reviews and will add a great aesthetic to any yard.

2. Sunnydaze Foldable Adirondack Chair

This Sunnydaze Foldable Adirondack Chair is composed of only Fir wood and Canadian Hemlock with a natural finish.The construction of the seat provides optimal comfort and relaxation.The seat is quite simple to manage as it light at 20 lbs for being all wood. It’s customizable by just adding some colorful cushions, and you can paint the seat with color based on your requirements for appealing look. This seat is well-built and strong. Each one will match perfectly. With good care, this chair will last many years.

3. Devoko Patio Porch Furniture Sets 3 Pieces PE Rattan Wicker Chairs

Here is a sturdy, durable, and stylish outdoor chair set. Its classic wicker design is appealing for any outdoor space. It comes with a small table for drinks or plant decorations. The chairs come with cushions for comfort. The material is low maintenance and will last for many years without minimal care.

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