Artesian well Pumps: How to choose the best one in 2020

Pump for artesian well How to choose the best one in 2020

Pump for artesian well

An artesian well is an excellent way to obtain a source of drinking water for a considerable number of people. Drilling and maintenance requires qualified professionals and, eventually, the pump will be necessary for optimal operation.

Do you know what you need to choose the ideal pump? What features and specifications does it need to have? How do you know if it fits your well? Here, we’ll talk about all of these issues!

Important Things to Consider

  • Artesian wells are increasingly used to provide independent sources of clean water rich in minerals. The advantages of building one in homes, condominiums, or commercial establishments are quite clear.
  • Eventually, the water will not flow out of the well as expected. It is in this case that a pump is needed. To find out which is ideal for drilling and how to do the installation, seeking professional help is always the best solution.
  • A artesian well pump usually costs between $600 to $3,000 depending on the brand, the power, and the depth reached.

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Buying Guide

You must always be accompanied by professionals in the field, but it is essential to understand what is being done in your well.

Buying Guide

What is an artesian well and what are the pros and cons?

An artesian well is characterized by being narrower and deeper than a conventional well. It fetches the water in layers quite distant from the subsoil and, therefore, regardless of the drilling location, the chance of finding it is very high.

Another advantage is that the supply becomes independent of government delivery systems. Whether for homes or businesses, the artesian well will be a constant source of water, without worrying about rationing or drought, or even paying bills to someone else.

The biggest concerns are the possibility of water contamination, which can happen if there are potential contaminants in the area such as heavy metal industries or even gas stations in the neighborhood. Depending on your location, there may be significant bureaucratic obstacles to overcome.


  • Clean water, rich in minerals
  • Independence in water supply: no rationing or bills to pay
  • Typically not detrimental to the environment


  • Underground water may be contaminated in some cases
  • The bureaucracy for drilling can be difficult to deal with

What is an artesian well pump for?

One of the main characteristics of an artesian well is that water flows naturally, without the need for any accessories. However, in reality, due to local conditions, most wells are only semi-artesian.The design and construction of a semi-artesian well is exactly the same as an artesian well. The difference is that, in this case, the water does not flow well enough to meet your demand, needing a pump to reach the surface in significant quantities.

This pump will be responsible for drawing water from the the well, or from the point at which it arrives naturally, and making it reach the surface.

How to choose the ideal pump for your artesian well

Each artesian well is different. There are variations in width, depth, quality and flow of water, need for consumption, among other things. Therefore, you will probably need the help of a professional to choose the ideal pump.This professional will understand, for example, how to better explore the flow and volume of water produced per hour by his well.

Know exactly the characteristics of your well (depth, width, water flow, water volume, height of the surface to which the water will be taken) and take it to the specialist. They will know which specifications best meet your needs.

How to install an artesian well pump

The installation of the artesian well pump will require a safety cable, which will assist in the descent of the submerged motor and will connect with the piping, and of certain precautions with the electrical components, which is on the surface and can also be a bit of work. Once again, we recommend that you use a professional to do the installation, since several problems can arise if not done properly.


The price of an artesian well pump can vary according to the brand, the recommended depth and the power. Models recommended for wells with higher flow and deeper reach cost up to four times more than those for shallow depths.The cheapest models will possibly be found between $600 and $700, while the most expensive are between $2,000 and $3,000. How much you will spend on the pump depends, on the well.

Where to buy

Stores specializing in hydraulics, irrigation, and building materials can be a good option when buying your pump. However, nothing like the companies specializing in artesian wells to help you at that time: this is where the best advice and models will be found. If your idea is to buy over the internet, any number of online retailers will sell these products.

Purchasing criteria: What to consider when buying an artesian well pump

Once you know the pump specifications you need, it’s time to choose from similar models from different brands. There are a few features that you need to take into account:

  • Power
  • Build Material
  • Resistance to water impurities
  • Voltage


The power required for a pump depends a lot on the flow and volume of water in a well. There is no need to use  a high-powered pump in a well with a small flow or volume of water; in fact, taking water out too fast can cause the well to dry up. Pump power is usually listed in horsepower, but it may also be listed as wattage.


An artesian well pump, in most cases, will spend years submerged, in contact with water, humidity and other agents of nature. Therefore, it must be made of rust resistant materials.


Some wells will have significant amounts of sand or other impurities. This could damage you pump, if it is not designed to tolerate this. If the water in your well is not that pure, you will need a pump that is resistant to all the impurities that are common in the depth reached.


The vast majority of pumps operate on electrical power from your home. Therefore, you need to know the voltage options available to your home. Most US homes have 110v available to them, but some have 230v set up to run their appliances. Be sure to purchase a 110v pump unless you know that 220/230v will be available to you. If you purchase a pump with a higher operating voltage than you have in your home, it may work, but would run at a power/speed roughly proportional to the voltage difference.

Best artesian well pumps: Our favorites

Each artesian well has its own characteristics. No drilling will be exactly like the other. Therefore, the pumps also need to vary, according to a well’s characteristics. You will likely need to consult a professional to make the right choice, but here are some pumps that you may want to ask about.

Hallmark Industries MA0414X-7 Deep Well Submersible Pump

Its body consists of stainless steel material for long term rust resistance. It works for well pipes 5″ or larger. In its arrangement, you will find two wire pumps with integrated control box. There’s not any need to set up an extra control box. Essentially, it’s an efficient and durable pump that’s acceptable for household usage. It includes additional thermal protection to guarantee that the pump remains protected against outside temperature changes.

The included motor shaft and casing are made using all stainless steel material to limit corrosion. It’s top quality sealed ball bearings guarantees exceptional performance. There’s a capacitor that’s built into the motor to prevent overheating of the motor.  Included are diffusers, powerful and durable thermoplastic impellers, and filter screens. Its particular submersible design generates noise-free operation.

Grundfos 10SQ05-160 115v 3″ Submersible Water Well Pump

This pump provides a broad performance range which makes it easy to adapt to your requirements. It can be effortlessly installed within a borehole that’s no larger than the dimensions of this pump. Together with the added electronic equipment, the pump isn’t hard to set up and use. Dependable water supply is ensured each time you use it.

This pump is especially outfitted with a high quality permanent magnetic motor, offering efficient output. It functions to provide water into the pump heads around 200 m. After the pump is linked to the Grundfos CU 301 control box, you;ll have the production of a constant pressure water source.

Schraiberpump 4″ Deep Well Submersible Pump

Schraiberpump made this 4-inch deep nicely submersible pump using superior quality materials. It has a control box and there’s a strong 0.5 HP engine included. Because it’s submersible, you don’t need to concern yourself with whether it has corroded after long term usage.

The usage of high quality produced stainless steel resists rust. Unlike many different well pumps made with vinyl components, this pump guarantees long life since it’s composed of stainless steel. It comes with a 2 year warranty. Be mindful that this is a 230v pump, so make sure that your electrical supply can supply the required voltage.

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