Kiddie Pools: How to choose the best models of 2020

Pool 1000 liters How to choose the best models of 2020

A Kiddie pool (also referred to as a child’s pool or blow-up pool) is compact, inexpensive pool meant for children. Often purchased for the summertime and able to be set up in about 5 min, they are a commonplace toy that guarantees hours of fun for young children.

Important Things to Consider

  • A Kiddie pool is suitable for those with little space at home, but still would like to have a way to entertain the family in the summer, especially children.
  • You can find frame or inflatable models, the latter being round or rectangular.
  • A Kiddie pool is a minimal investment. The most extravagant models cost less than $100.

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Buying Guide

Children love having a Kiddie pool at home, this small model is enough to guarantee fun. Larger models can also accommodate adults to take a quick dip to cool off on a warn day. Stay with us until the end of this Buying Guide and learn how to buy the ideal kiddie pool for your home and family.

Buying Guide

Who is a kiddie pool suitable for?

A Kiddie pool is the perfect option for children, for them it is more than enough even to “dive” and cool off. But anyone who thinks that adults cannot use this pool is mistaken. Sitting by the pool to cool off or take care of the kids can help reduce the heat.

This is the ideal pool for small spaces. If you have a small garden or area, or are on a tight budget, but would still like to provide this fun for your children, a Kiddie pool is the perfect choice.

Pros and Cons

The great advantage of having a kiddie pool at home is to guarantee fun for children in the summer, without spending a lot money and taking up a lot of space.

A Kiddie pool is easy to set up, requires essentially no maintenance, is quick to clean, and is quick to collapse and store.

Because it is small, it ends up quite limiting the number of children (or adults) inside and is not suitable for larger families.


  • Takes up minimal space
  • Takes little space to store
  • Quick and easy set up
  • The required water won’t affect your water bill significantly
  • Requires little maintenance, easy and quick to clean


  • Can only accommodate a small number of people.

How to set up a kiddie pool

Setting up a Kiddie pool is quick and easy. However, some precautions are necessary.

  • Prepare the ground. Choose a flat, surface to set up your pool. Remove any sharp objects that might puncture the pool.
  • Easy access to water. Make sure your pool is close to a hose or other water source.
  • Inflate the pool. Use a bike pump or your mouth to inflate the pool.
  • Fill with water. And you’re ready to go.

Does a kiddie pool need a filter?

A fiter is typically not required for this kind of pool. Since the pool is so small, when the water gets dirty, just dump out the water and refill with new water from the tap.

How to clean a kiddie pool

Minimal cleaning is required for a kiddie pool. If the pool becomes visibly dirty, most people will simply spray it with water from the hose and wipe it with a towel. Before storage, it is advisable to quickly clean with dish soap and water.

Purchasing Criteria

Some criteria to keep in mind before purchasing

  • Accessories
  • Size
  • Quality
  • Price


You may find offers that offer complementary accessories that include toys and maintenance items. Some common toys which will increase the value and fun of the pool are small buckets for splashing. Some common maintenance options are pool covers and air pumps for filling.


The pool size ranges from just enough room for a toddler to enough room to fit a small family. If you’re looking for a pool that will allow for jumping in and swimming, head over to the above ground pool section.


Some of the more expensive models come with thicker plastic that will last for a few years if taken care of. Keep in mind that MOST models in this category are only built to last 1 or 2 summers.


There are prices to accommodate any budget. Kiddie pools can be found anywhere from 99 cent stores to supermarkets to online in prices that range from 99 cents to $150.

The best Kiddie pools: Our Favorites

Still not sure what model to buy, check out a few of the models that we liked best:

1. Family Swim Pool

In the world of Kiddie pools, there’s no need to adhere to brand name loyalty as most of the products are of similar quality and the investment is small. This pool is great for 3 children or can accommodate an average sized adult with a child. It has high walls which make this a good choice if you want to set it up inside. It has a large air plug for quick filling with a large pump and quick emptying when done.

2. XFlated Watermelon Kiddie Inflatable Pool

XFlated has a excellent creation of durable and high quality inflatable swimming pools. This Inflatable Pool includes a distinctive watermelon that will be fun for any child to play in. This infant pool is simple to infiltrate and it includes three distinct valves so that damage to any one will still keep the pool partially functional.

This Inflatable Pool may be used for indoor and outside. Additionally, it includes a first-aid fix patch to fix a hole.

3. Giant Inflatable Kiddie Pool – 10 Feet Long

This inflatable pool that’s 10 feet long, which is pretty large in the world of Kiddie pools. Both kids and adults will enjoy using this inflatable pool together during summertime. It’s easily to inflate and drain.

It includes tall walls to give the pool some depth. The bottom has a thick PVC matte to prevent puncture.

Bonus: Ball Pit

As an alternative to water, consider adding some hollow plastic balls to create a childhood playground favorite: the ball pit!

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