My Other Hobbies

In addition to making the outdoor spaces in my home relaxing and beautiful, I have a few other hobbies and interests that I spend my time on, a lot of my interests revolve around home automation and customization.

Automated Watering
I have a few automated watering setups for my more important plants. It detects the moisture of the soil and waters as needed. Its pretty cool and I recommend it for anyone that has a few plants that are very sensetive and take extra care.

Mine are actually battery powered and require 3.6 v batteries which you can get here:

Automated Vacuuming
I currently have a Roomba i7 which I love

Don’t forget to buy some extra filters to keep your vacuum running efficiency:

3D Printing

My first 3D printer was an Ender 3 which was a lot of fun to work with, the less than $200 price makes it a fantastic printer. My second and current printer is a Prusa i3 MKs, which you can see on their site here. Right out of the box it works like a charm. Checkout for an endless supply of printable 3D models to decorate your home:

I use Hatchbox PLA for the majority of my prints: