Watering cans: How to choose the best in 2020

Watering can How to choose the best in 2020

Watering can

In this Review we will discuss important points to consider when purchasing a watering can, and discuss its variations. If you are considering purchasing a watering can now, continue reading.

Important Things to Consider

  • Models with multiple holes on the spigots will help disperse the water over larger areas.
  • Plastic watering cans are lighter and resistant to rusting but are more easily cracked when dropped and are not as resistant to long term sun exposure as is metal.

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Buying Guide

The watering can is the main tool for watering indoor plants, gardens with lots of pots, and plants distant from a water source. its importance should not be overlooked. We will now show you important points to be taken into account before purchasing one.

Buying Guide

What is a watering can?

Watering cans are containers that have a water reservoir, a handle and, a nozzle with one or multiple holes for delivering water to plants. They are found with different capacities, color,s and materials.

What are the different types of watering cans?

If you have already started searching for a watering can, you will have seen a large variety of models. Among the models offered for purchase, plastic ones are the most common. Their advantage is that they are easy to clean, light, and inexpensive.

You can also find cans produced in aluminum, they are not only great for watering plants, but also for decoration. They are not as light as plastic ones, but they also will not rust.

A final option is galvanized steel which is typically very rust resistant but not as much as aluminum and the surface tends to be less presentable than aluminum/

It is very common to use watering cans as a decorative items in the garden. There are even some models that are specifically designed for use as flower pots or decoration.

Watering cans vs. hoses

Many people irrigate with hoses. Both systems have pros and cons and you will need to find the balance between them to decide which irrigation system is right for your need. In reality you will probably own both. With a watering can the water distribution is made with smooth, spaced jets, generating a more delicate irrigation. With a hose the water is concentrated in a single outlet and this can move dirt or damage fragile flowers.

Another pro of a watering can it that it is often the greener option, generating water savings, since you can control the amount of water that comes out. Typical garden hose use, consumes water at a rate of 25 liters per minute.


The price you will pay for a watering can depends on the capacity, material, and style. On average, the cheapest ones cost around $10 to $60.

Where to buy

Finding a watering can to buy is a very easy task, as they are sold in several places. You can find them in physical establishments such as a grocery store or hardware store as well as online at all the major online retailers.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing different watering can models

If you are thinking of purchasing a watering can you should think like a florist and take into account several factors before watering your plants:

  • Capacity
  • Spout length
  • Water nozzle area
  • Build Material


Watering cans range from capacities of 1/2 gallon to 4 gallons. Your choice will depend heavily on your application. A small half gallon can will work for those with a few small flower pots around the house. For a medium sized outdoor garden, a 2 gallon model is likely a good choice. For large gardens or trees that need to be watered, a 4 gallon size may be appropriate; however, keep in mind that a 4 gallon can plus 4 gallons of water would weigh about 40 pounds and may be difficult for some people to carry.

Spout length

If you need to water smaller spaces that are more difficult to access, choose a watering can with a longer spout, will help you avoid stepping in sensitive areas an crushing plants.

Water nozzle area

For large garden areas without many small port, choose a water nozzle that has many holes in it to help cover a greater area. For indoor use or for a garden with many small pots, choose a nozzle with a single hole to help direct the water without making a mess.

Build Material

Watering cans are tools that are in constant contact with water, so it is essential to choose one that is not made of rusting material. Plastic and aluminum are the best models for this. Aluminum and galvanized steel cans typically last for many years without care, but a plastic can will need to be kept out of direct sunlight to ensure its longevity.

Best watering can models: Our favorites

Here are some of our favorite watering cans for you to consider.

1. Behrens Watering Can

This 2 gallon galvanized steel watering can is suitable for most sizes of gardens. It has a vintage look but is made with modern durable materials. Now you can relax even if watering your flowers and plants, since this kind of watering can won’t place a strain in any part of the body. In any case, it comes in a reasonable price given its usefulness and degree of durability.

This Behrens watering can is one of the finer cans on today’s market. It is backed by a reputable US company that has been in business since 1911.

2. Rainmaker Watering Can 3.2 Gallon

This think, durable plastic can from Rainmaker will last for many years. It’s solid construction and large size (3.2 gallons) will work great for any sized garden.

Its design was intended to last for numerous seasons. The spout can be removed for cleaning or to be used without the multi-hole spout. This product is produced by a reputable company called Hawthorne Gardening that has been in business since 1976.

3. Liyahog Watering Can

This classy looking watering can would be a great item for watering your indoor plants. Its small size and shiny, stainless steel appearance make it decorative and functional.

The company is not as well known as with the other products listed here; however, they do offer a customer satisfaction guarantee.

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